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We help companies grow

We support ambitious entrepreneurs with capital and hands-on support


Innovation as Core

We work with innovative business models that solve a problem with targeted use of technological and psychological tools. 

Maximise potential 

We aim to identify growth potential and add value to a founding team from its earliest stage, partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs to ensure that their concepts and products reach their full business potential and get the best valuation from institutional investors.


Integrate top talent

Through close relationships with networks of top universities, we manage to integrate top talent early on to add to the core management team.

Early stage focus

We operate across the full early stage spectrum, from ideation to concept to product development to proof of product and finally to proof of market.


Our fund

We manage an angel fund backed by SSE alumni - DHS Venture Partners. There, our focus lies within the earliest stage of investments and we actively support our portfolio companies with generations of expertise and knowledge. 


Founding Partners


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